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We are a small WordPress company. We serve a global audience of WordPress bloggers, site owners, and agencies. We are available for small fixes and one-off jobs, but we also offer long-term website maintenance packages.


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Peter Fröhlich

Hi! My name is Peter and I am the owner of WPHelp365.com.

I became a computer enthusiast in 1990 when I received my first Commodore 64. Later, I familiarized myself with PCs and became obsessed with the internet in 1995. I hopped on my bike and pedaled 3 miles to the nearest town with a connection just to browse the internet.

In 1998, I bought my first PC and a year later I installed my first internet connection at home. I used a 14.4 kbps modem and it was an incredible feeling to browse the world wide web from my bedroom.

I have enjoyed developing websites ever since 2000 when I built my first one for the National Association of Psychology Students. Yes, I originally trained to become a psychologist…

Around 2008, when WordPress became very popular, I started focusing my web development efforts on WordPress exclusively. I started up structureofsuccess.com, which became known in 2014 under the stosu.com shorthand, to cater to the needs of online entrepreneurs interested in becoming creatively free.

In January 2017, I merged stosu.com into WPHelp365.com.

Peter’s Resume

Take a look at my resume to see what my strengths are and what I do as a WordPress expert and webmaster.