3 Keyboard Shortcuts for Accessing Websites Faster


There are three keyboard shortcuts you can use to access websites from your browsers faster. The keyboard shortcuts work in all browsers.


Type the name of the website, then use the Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut to add .com to it.

For example, type google, then press Ctrl+Enter.

Shift+Enter and Shift+Ctrl+Enter

Similarly, type the name of a website, then use Shift+Enter to add .net to it or use Shift+Ctrl+Enter to add .org to it.

For example, type slideshare, then press Shift+Enter or type wikipedia, then press Shift+Ctrl+Enter.

No Need to Type www.

Typing www. at the beginning of URLs is not necessary anymore. In most cases websites are configured to handle requests without the www.

However, should you find a website that is not configured properly, your browser will let you know with an error page.

In that case, add the www. at the beginning of the URL — as a matter of troubleshooting. If it doesn’t help and the website is still inaccessible, there’s is probably something wrong on the website server’s end or (less likely) there’s something wrong with your internet connection.

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