Windows Alt Codes in Tables

The following tables contain the Alt codes (Alt keyboard shortcuts) for all the original 256 ASCII symbols.

They are divided up into these logical categories:

Alt+0 produces nothing but a NULL character. Therefore, this Alt code is not included in the tables below.

Basic Symbols

Code Char Code Char Code Char Code Char
Alt+1 Alt+9 Alt+17 Alt+25
Alt+2 Alt+10 Alt+18 Alt+26
Alt+3 Alt+11 Alt+19 Alt+27
Alt+4 Alt+12 Alt+20 Alt+28
Alt+5 Alt+13 Alt+21 § Alt+29
Alt+6 Alt+14 Alt+22 Alt+30
Alt+7 Alt+15 Alt+23 Alt+31
Alt+8 Alt+16 Alt+24 Alt+127

US Keyboard Characters

Code Char Code Char Code Char Code Char
Alt+32 SPACE Alt+56 8 Alt+80 P Alt+104 h
Alt+33 ! Alt+57 9 Alt+81 Q Alt+105 i
Alt+35 # Alt+59 ; Alt+83 S Alt+107 k
Alt+36 $ Alt+60 < Alt+84 T Alt+108 l
Alt+37 % Alt+61 = Alt+85 U Alt+109 m
Alt+38 & Alt+62 > Alt+86 V Alt+110 n
Alt+39 ' Alt+63 ? Alt+87 W Alt+111 o
Alt+40 ( Alt+64 @ Alt+88 X Alt+112 p
Alt+41 ) Alt+65 A Alt+89 Y Alt+113 q
Alt+42 * Alt+66 B Alt+90 Z Alt+114 r
Alt+43 + Alt+67 C Alt+91 [ Alt+115 s
Alt+44 , Alt+68 D Alt+92 \ Alt+116 t
Alt+45 - Alt+69 E Alt+93 ] Alt+117 u
Alt+46 . Alt+70 F Alt+94 ^ Alt+118 v
Alt+47 / Alt+71 G Alt+95 _ Alt+119 w
Alt+48 0 Alt+72 H Alt+96 ` Alt+120 x
Alt+49 1 Alt+73 I Alt+97 a Alt+121 y
Alt+50 2 Alt+74 J Alt+98 b Alt+122 z
Alt+51 3 Alt+75 K Alt+99 c Alt+123 {
Alt+52 4 Alt+76 L Alt+100 d Alt+124 |
Alt+53 5 Alt+77 M Alt+101 e Alt+125 }
Alt+54 6 Alt+78 N Alt+102 f Alt+126 ~
Alt+55 7 Alt+79 O Alt+103 g

International Special Characters

Code Char Code Char Code Char Code Char
Alt+128 Ç Alt+138 è Alt+148 ö Alt+158
Alt+129 ü Alt+139 ï Alt+149 ò Alt+159 ƒ
Alt+130 é Alt+140 î Alt+150 û Alt+160 á
Alt+131 â Alt+141 ì Alt+151 ù Alt+161 í
Alt+132 ä Alt+142 Ä Alt+152 ÿ Alt+162 ó
Alt+133 à Alt+143 Å Alt+153 Ö Alt+163 ú
Alt+134 å Alt+144 É Alt+154 Ü Alt+164 ñ
Alt+135 ç Alt+145 æ Alt+155 ¢ Alt+165 Ñ
Alt+136 ê Alt+146 Æ Alt+156 £ Alt+166 ª
Alt+137 ë Alt+147 ô Alt+157 ¥ Alt+167 º

Extended Symbols

Code Char Code Char Code Char Code Char
Alt+168 ¿ Alt+182 Alt+196 Alt+210
Alt+169 Alt+183 Alt+197 Alt+211
Alt+170 ¬ Alt+184 Alt+198 Alt+212
Alt+171 ½ Alt+185 Alt+199 Alt+213
Alt+172 ¼ Alt+186 Alt+200 Alt+214
Alt+173 ¡ Alt+187 Alt+201 Alt+215
Alt+174 « Alt+188 Alt+202 Alt+216
Alt+175 » Alt+189 Alt+203 Alt+217
Alt+176 Alt+190 Alt+204 Alt+218
Alt+177 Alt+191 Alt+205 Alt+219
Alt+178 Alt+192 Alt+206 Alt+220
Alt+179 Alt+193 Alt+207 Alt+221
Alt+180 Alt+194 Alt+208 Alt+222
Alt+181 Alt+195 Alt+209 Alt+223

Greek Characters

Code Char Code Char Code Char Code Char
Alt+224 α Alt+228 Σ Alt+232 Φ Alt+236
Alt+225 ß Alt+229 σ Alt+233 Θ Alt+237 φ
Alt+226 Γ Alt+230 µ Alt+234 Ω Alt+238 ε
Alt+227 π Alt+231 τ Alt+235 δ

Math Symbols

Code Char Code Char Code Char Code Char
Alt+239 Alt+243 Alt+247 Alt+251­
Alt+240 Alt+244 Alt+248 ° Alt+252
Alt+241 ± Alt+245 Alt+249 Alt+253­ ²
Alt+242 Alt+246 ÷ Alt+250 · Alt+255 BLANK


Alt+255 produces a blank character but a character nonetheless. It is similar to SPACE, but not the same. SPACE is produced by Alt+32. Both characters are processed differently in Windows.
For example, try creating a new folder using the Alt+32 character. Windows will not accept it as a valid folder name and will substitute it with the default New folder name.
But if you create a new folder and name it using the Alt+255 character, Windows will accept it as the folder’s name.

You can produce all these symbols and characters in Windows, if you use the standard US international keyboard as your input language and if you set your Windows system locale to English (US).

To learn more about working with keyboard and system locale settings in Windows, read my post about the topic.

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