Broken Link Checker — How to Completely Remove This Blacklisted Plugin


Broken Link Checker is blacklisted or disallowed at several hosting companies. When you move your blog to a new hosting provider that has banned this plugin, Broken Link Checker will be automatically deactivated. You will then need to remove it.

Why Is Broken Link Checker Blacklisted

The hosting provider WPEngine lists the plugin among plugins that trash their servers and SQL databases. They say that it

overwhelms even our robust caching layer with an inordinate amount of HTTP requests.

GoDaddy is another large hosting provider for WordPress blogs that has the plugin blacklisted. They simply state there are performance issues related to the plugin.

The plugin simply eats up too many server resources and also considerably slows down your hosted site.

Remove the Plugin

Removing the plugin is very straightforward. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and locate the inactive plugin in the list of all plugins.

Or click on the Inactive link that’s at the top of the plugin list and find it there. It will be probably easier to locate it there, because you won’t have as many inactive plugins.

Once you found the plugin, click on the red Delete button under the plugin’s title.

Broken Link Checker — Delete

Broken Link Checker — Delete

Next, click on the Yes, delete these files and data button.

Delete Plugin — Yes, delete these files and data

Delete Plugin — Yes, delete these files and data

Remove Database Tables Created by the Plugin

However, not all data is removed by the above action.

You will have to log into your SQL database and remove some remnants of the plugin directly.

Specifically, you can completely remove (or drop, as it is called in phpMyAdmin) Broken Link Checker’s tables from your WordPress database. The tables to remove are the following:

The Manual Way

Click on the database name in the left pane of phpMyAdmin, then select the above mentioned four tables with the wp_blc_ prefix.

Select wp_blc_ tables in phpMyAdmin

Select wp_blc_ tables in phpMyAdmin

Then, scroll down to the bottom of all the tables and select the Drop menu item from the drop down menu.

Drop tables in phpMyAdmin

Drop tables in phpMyAdmin

In some cases, you won’t need to scroll down as there will be a red Drop button in the top menu bar of the right pane of phpMyAdmin.

The SQL Query Way

You can also drop these plugin tables in one swoop using a simple SQL query.

To do so, click on your database name in the left pane of phpMyAdmin. Then click on the SQL button in the top menu bar in the right pane.

Copy and paste the following query in the Run SQL query/queries window:

Run SQL query in phpMyAdmin

Run SQL query in phpMyAdmin

And, finally, click on the Go button to execute the query.

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