Comodo Firewall Makes CDBurnerXP Crash While Disc Burning


Today I discovered that another favorite program of mine has fallen as a victim of my multi-layer approach to computer security. CDBurnerXP doesn’t cooperate with Comodo Firewall — it crashes while disc burning. What a shame…

It took me four tries and, thus, four bad CDs to figure out that there is a feud going on between the two programs.

CDBurnerXP Crashed

CDBurnerXP has stopped working

And so I started looking for replacements.

Finding All Alternatives for Disc Burning Software

The first place I visit when in need to find a replacement program is

Since is a crowd-sourced recommendation system, there are always a lot of options available.

Each app has the number of likes displayed next to it which can be misleading at times. Some of the best apps can be found near the bottoms of these lists.

When looking for replacements, it’s handy to select your platform (in this case it’s Windows) and the type of license you prefer (I prefer Free or Open Source).

Disc Burning

Alternative disc burning software considers Freemium free but I simply disregard those results. I also disregard all discontinued software, save for those that I have used for a long time and know that even though they are abandoned, they are still stable.

After applying these specifications, the results shrink down to 6 alternatives:

First Looks

AmoK DVD Burner is a 2 year old beta version. So, even if the author technically didn’t abandon it, I consider it discontinued as he never even came around to publish a finished version of the product. No good for me.

Mozilla Firefox shows a Reported Unwanted Software Page! warning for the Hanso Burner site. Nice!

Reported Unwanted Software Page!

Reported Unwanted Software Page! warning

cdrtfe, Burn4Free and Hamster Free Burning Studio all look alright, but they don’t come in a portable version. And that’s the only kind of software I like to have on my laptop.

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Portable Software

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This is how AnyBurn won by elimination. I downloaded its portable version, unpacked it into my Portable folder, used it, and I can say that it’s a cool little program.



There are only two things I don’t like about it:

  • It doesn’t remember the last location of the files selected for burning — you have to click through to the correct sub-folder every time.
  • You can’t create compilation files — this is really annoying when you occasionally need to burn the same set of files and have to select them manually each time.

Other than these two minor insufficiencies, AnyBurn does its job as expected. And, most importantly, it doesn’t clash with Comodo Firewall or any of my other security programs running in the background.

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