Convert an Audible AAX File to MP3 — The Quick and Easy Way


A year ago, I created a tutorial on how to convert a DRM protected Audible AAX file to MP3 — a much more user-friendly audio format. This tutorial overrides everything that was written up in the previous tutorial. Please, follow the below steps to make your AAX file to MP3 file conversions.

What will you learn in this post?

I will show you:

  • how to look up free Audible AAX files with search engines
  • how to easily download AAX files without using the Audible Manager software
  • how to convert AAX files to MP3 using a super simple tool

Search for Free AAX Files

For the sake of this post I needed to download some AAX files.

There’s a simple trick to search for free Audible files online. Just use the following search command:

You can use this in Google or DuckDuckGo. The results will be pretty similar.

$0.00 — DuckDuckGo

$0.00 — DuckDuckGo

Without much thought I went for the first result — The Jewel of Dantenos by Brian D. Anderson.

Download the Free AAX File Directly from Your Browser

Audible Manager is a crappy piece of software. Thankfully, you can download your AAX files directly from your browser using a nifty trick.

1. Go to your Audible library. You need to have an Audible account and you need to be signed into it to do this.

2. Select the audiobook you wish to download. Select Enhanced in the Audio Quality box. Then click on the Download button.

Download audiobook from Audible library

Download audiobook from Audible library

3. After you click on the Download button a popup will appear. Save the admhelper file to your disk.

Save admhelper as a file

Save admhelper as a file

4. View the admhelper file and copy its full content (Ctrl+C).

View content of admhelper file

View content of admhelper file

In the above case, I used MultiCommander‘s built-in MultiDataViewer feature.

But you can open the admhelper file in Notepad or Notepad++ just the same.

5. Type in your browser’s address bar:

6. Now paste in (Ctrl+V) the admhelper file’s content after the question mark.

The full URL should look something like this:

7. Hit enter to get a download file popup.

Direct download of the Jewel of Dantenos AAX file

Direct download of the Jewel of Dantenos AAX file

8. Save the AAX file to your disk.

Audible Manager

Update (January 16, 2017)

As Kevin pointed out in the comments section, for the conversion described in this post to work, you might need to install Audible Manager.

Here is what he wrote:

Users must have the audible manager installed and verified by audible for use on their pc for this to work with aax2mp3.

I missed this fact for a simple reason. I installed Audible Manager two years ago, but shortly thereafter uninstalled it from my computer.

However, something remained on my computer that allowed me to convert AAX files to MP3’s using AAXtoMP3 — the software tool I am describing below. In the meantime, I found out what was that remaining piece of code.

Read this related post for an in-depth investigation of the issue and much more…

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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Converting AAX to MP3

There are many guides to downloading and converting AAX to MP3. This is the third one I have come up with and I like to think that this is the ultimate one.

Convert Your AAX File to MP3

Download the free, portable, and open source AAXtoMP3.

Unpack the contents of the downloaded file using 7-Zip.

Unpacked, there will be four files:

Launch AaxToMp3GUI.exe.

Yes, its two buttons are in German…

AAX to MP3 Conversion Tool

AAX to MP3 Conversion Tool

Select the AAX file you wish to open by clicking on the Durchsuchen button.

Then click on the Umwandeln button to convert the AAX file to MP3 format.

Converting the AAX file to MP3 format

Converting the AAX file to MP3 format

The conversion process is pretty fast.

It takes about a second to convert a minute’s worth of audio material. In other words, a 90 minute AAX audiobook will be converted to MP3 in about 90 seconds.

Listen to Your Converted MP3 File

To make sure that the process worked like a charm, open up your converted MP3 file and rejoice.



Because this tutorial really works!

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