Friday Fun — 14 Free Online Tools to Value Your Blog


Most people like to know what their labor is worth. In the physical world you need to get various jobs to determine what your labor is worth. Online it is much easier albeit much less precise, too.

Today, I checked out 14 free online tools that value blogs and websites. Their valuations are all over the place and are mostly meaningless. But it’s a fun activity and costs nothing, so why not do it?

I entered into each one of them. Here are their links. I put the price they generated for my blog in parentheses. ($4,536) ($1,223) ($975) ($788) ($788) ($775) ($773.80) ($710) ($240) ($240) ($233) ($60) (N/A) (N/A)

One thing is clear immediately — most of these tools use very similar appraisal algorithms. Five of them valued within the $710-$788 range. And three valued it almost identically at $240.

The outlier is which gave a wildly optimistic price in comparison to the other valuation sites. On the other end there is which gave a depressing value of $60. 🙂

The last two sites were unable to appraise claiming there’s not enough information to go on.

But on a more serious note, beginner bloggers should consider this — up to 90% of your competitors will give up within 3-18 months. Thus, the value of your blog will certainly grow if you keep at it.

Of course, you cannot just sit idly by and wait for your blog to age and go up in value by itself.

You have to create valuable and original content. Also you have to network at more prominent sites to help drive traffic to your blog. You can then sell ads, products and services to your visitors and subscribers.

As the age-old business saying goes: “Anything’s worth exactly as much as someone is willing to pay for it.”

Well, that’s it for Friday fun. Have a nice weekend!

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