How to Add a Menu Item to the Right Side of Windows 7 Start Menu


In a previous post, I described the process of creation of a better Start Menu. Today I want to expand on the topic by describing how to place this upgraded Start Menu folder into the actual Windows Start Menu.

Customize Libraries

Windows offers a set of special folders called libraries. There are four default libraries — Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.

Although, none of these are useful for the purpose of creating a new Start Menu, you can re-purpose a library to fit your specific needs.

First of all, go to Windows Explorer > Libraries.


Select a library you never use — in my case it was the Videos library.

Double-click on the library’s icon.

Right-click on the folders included in the library (e.g. the Videos library includes two folders) and select Remove location from library from the context menu.


Press F2 to rename the library. Then press Enter when you are done renaming it.

I renamed the Videos library to Tools.

Add Locations


Include a folder in the library

In the right pane of Windows Explorer’s window, click on the Include a folder button.

Select a location you would like to have included in the right side of your Start Menu.

If you want to add more locations, click on the library and then click on the 1 location link in Windows Explorer’s right pane.

Library Locations

Library Locations

In the Library Locations window click on the Add… button.


Add locations to the library

One by one add all the locations you want to have displayed in the Start Menu.

You can add up to 50 folders to one library.

When you are done, click OK.

I selected the sub-folders of my Tools folder. Originally, I had the Tools folder on my Desktop but now I moved it to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Tools.

Customize Taskbar

Right-click on the Taskbar and select Properties from the context menu.

Go to the Start Menu tab in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window.

Click on the Customize… button.

Customize Taskbar

Customize Taskbar

In the next window, you will see all the options for the Start Menu.

Scroll down to the last item called Videos and select Display as a menu.

Click OK, Apply, and OK again.

My new Start Menu

My new Start Menu

Your Start Menu will now contain a new folder. And as an added bonus, the Videos (now Tools) folder will be placed at the very top.

If it bothers you that the icon for the new folder is still a movie strip and you want to change it to something more fitting, read my next tutorial about changing the default icons for libraries.

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