How to Check for Mozilla Firefox Plugin Vulnerabilities


Mozilla Firefox is the browser I like best and use most. I also use quite a few plugins with it. Plugins are great because they enable me to customize my browsing experience. On the other hand, they also pose a security threat which must be dealt with.

Currently I have 18 plugins installed in Mozilla Firefox. Fifteen of these are active. Some plugins, such as Adobe Flash are notorious regarding their vulnerability to exploitation by bad guys.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep track of your plugins and whether they are up to date.

Mozilla has a nifty web page created just for these purposes called Check Your Plugins.

After you click on it, the page scans your installed plugins and informs you about potentially vulnerable plugins.


Mozilla Firefox — Check Your Plugins

In the case above, the scanner found an outdated version of Adobe Flash.

To remedy the situation, all you need to do is click on the red Update Now button located in the vulnerable plugin’s row.

Mozilla will redirect you directly to the plugin author’s website and you will be able to update the plugin.

By using this simple online test, you rest assured that your browser is not vulnerable and will not be compromised so easily by outside forces.

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