How to Convert Audible Audiobooks from AA to MP3 Format


Audible is an awesome repository of tens of thousands of quality audiobooks. Unfortunately, all their audiobooks are presented in a proprietary file format. When you download an audiobook from Audible, it has an .aa extension.

The AA format is not very useful when trying to listen to your audiobooks, let’s say, in your car from a USB stick or an SD card.

To be able to make real everyday use of your audiobooks, you need to convert them into the .mp3 file format.

Register with Audible

Currently, Audible is offering a 30-day free trial where you can test drive their system and also get two audiobooks for free.


Audible free trial

Since Audible is an Amazon subsidiary, you will have to register with Amazon or sign in, if you already have an Amazon account but not an Audible account. You will need to give Amazon your credit card number — they won’t charge you anything at this moment.

Important Note

Update (August 3, 2016): This post is now superseded by my new tutorial on how to Convert an Audible AAX File to MP3 — The Quick and Easy Way. Please, continue reading that tutorial instead of this one.

Audible Software (Optional Step)

Next, download and launch AudibleManager. Scroll down on the page and locate the correct button:


Install AudibleManager

Or use this direct link to download AudibleManager.

AudibleManager will then download and install the Audible Player which is capable to play AA format audiobooks.

You only need the AudibleManager and the Audible Player, if you are going to download your freely available audiobooks at this time.

You don’t need to download and install anything from Audible, if you already have AA audiobooks in your computer and you only want to convert them to MP3. However, you still need to be a registered user of Audible to successfully use this tutorial.


You will probably need to download the following three DLLs (dynamic link libraries):

The first item downloads as a ZIP archive.


Download LAME for Windows

Simply extract the DLL from the ZIP archive using 7-Zip.

When ready, add the downloaded DLLs to the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder.

Audible Media Player Filter

Next, you will need to download the Audible Media Player Filter.

To install the filter, simply double-click on the downloaded audibleMediaPlayerFilter.exe file and then click Install.


Install Audible Media Player Filter

The filter will be installed in a second.


Finally, download and install GoldWave 5.06 that is a free legacy version of the software.

The installation process is very straightforward and requires no extra notes.

Once GoldWave is installed on your system, you will be able to open up AA files in it.

But first, you will have to enter your Audible registration information — user name and password.


GoldWave — Provide Audible registration information

This is why it is necessary to become a registered user of Audible at the very beginning of this whole process.

Opening up or decompressing an AA format audio file takes up to 30 seconds for a 6-hour audiobook.


GoldWave — Processing Audio Decompression

When the audio decompression is done, click File > Save As… in GoldWave’s menu bar.

Then save the audio as an MP3 file.


GoldWave — Audio file open

It takes about 12 minutes to save a 6 hour audiobook in MP3 format with the following settings: 44kHz, 128kbps, mono. Or about 45 minutes for 44kHz, 320kbps, stereo settings.

Now you can comfortably listen to your audiobooks wherever and however you wish.

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Comments 14

    1. Peter Post

      You need to use the exact legacy version mentioned in the post. Then it does work. And back then when the legacy version of GoldWave was published, it was, indeed, free.

  1. Thanks! Use the free version of GoldWave and during the original file download ensure you have chosen Format 2, 3, or 4, NOT Enhanced which gives an .AAX unrecognized file.

  2. What’s the version, it does not say, and the link go to site that my antivirus indicate as risky

    1. Peter Post

      The version to use is 5.06. The oldapps.com site really might contain harmful software as it contains a lot of legacy software. But the site is legit. Just override the Google notification or your antivirus notification.

      1. when I tried to register with audioble, I failed to do that, the sw ask for a username, but audible now use an email address as username, and gwave 5.06 does not know that , nor it accept email as username

  3. i get error copying files when i try to use Audible Media Player Filter.
    any1 know why?

    1. Peter Post


      Are you saying that after you download the .exe file and try to run the installation, that it fails?

      If so, could you give me the exact error message you’re getting?

  4. Getting an error with audible sign in with goldweave getting error: outdated module goto audibles website to get newest edition.

    Frank you may need to run install as administrator.

  5. Super confused here. I have an Audible account and followed all your steps except for installing AudibleManager which you said was optional. I don’t want that garbage on my PC. But Goldwave 5.06 does not prompt for Audible credentials when I open it and does not recognize .aa files as a supported format.

  6. Peter Post
    1. Peter Post


      There is no shortage of paid software that can convert Audible audiobooks to MP3. The point is to find a FREE solution.

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