How to Correctly Use Header Tags in WordPress


If you are a blogger beginner, you need to know the parameters of correct post creation. These parameters are set forth predominantly by Google, the company that (almost) owns the whole internet. So being on good terms with their search robot is a really good idea. One of the more important parameters is the correct use of header tags.

What Are Header Tags

Header tags are HTML definitions of document headers and sections. What does that mean? Post titles, titles of sections within a post of various importance are tagged, so that WordPress knows how to display them, e.g. how large a font should be used, what color, etc.

The use of all header tags is defined in your theme’s CSS stylesheet. This way, you don’t have to manually set all the display characteristics of a post title or a section heading. All you do is use a tag and WordPress uses your stylesheet to look up all the necessary settings.

How Many Header Tags Are There?

There are six header tags.


WordPress header tags

The title of your post uses an <h1></h1> header tag. This header tag is used automatically by WordPress themes. It can only be used once per post, but since this is done automatically, you don’t need to worry about it at all.

The <h2></h2> and <h3></h3> header tags have limitations to the number of their uses per post. H2 section headings should not be used more than 5 times on a single post. Similarly, sub-section headings should be used a maximum of 6 times per post.

But if you split your post into multiple pages you can work around these limitations. That’s because each new page of your post is then treated separately, as if it was a new post by itself.

I have shown in an earlier post how to split up WordPress posts into multiple pages.

Other Parameters

Of course, Google Search has many other parameters one should know about. Two more immediately come to mind that are really important. Post or page titles should not exceed 70 characters. And page descriptions should be limited to 150-160 characters.

If you follow these rules, Google Search will promote you much more easily to higher rankings in keyword and phrase search results. And that’s a big deal, because as I already mentioned, Google Search equals the internet.

Final Thoughts

Do you use header tags on your blog as described above? Let me know in the comments section below.

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