How to Create a Disposable Online Identity


Lots of times websites or web services will ask for your personal information, your email address foremost. And almost as many times you will not necessarily be happy to give them these information. An elegant way around this problem is using one-time email addresses and even disposable personal identification data.

Generate a One-Time Email Address

Should some website you wouldn’t trust with your real email address require your email address from you, generate a disposable email address.

To create a fully functional one-time email address, use It is a very helpful service that can make your life much easier.


It generates an email address for you that will be alive for only 10 minutes. Should you need the email address for a longer time period, you can always stop it from expiring by clicking Give me 10 more minutes!

Since the email address is pseudo-random, it’s easier to copy it from 10 Minute Mail and paste it wherever you want to use it.

To show you that the system works, I generated a 10-minute email address and sent myself a spoof message. As you can see, the message arrived.


I am even able to reply to it or send it as a forward to another email address — be it fake or real.


Another similar service is called It is slightly slower than the dot com version and does not allow for replies and forwards of received messages. All other features are exactly the same.

Generate a Disposable Identity

In extreme cases you might also need to generate a whole new identity for yourself. Yes, some websites are that hooked on the quest for your personal information.


A clever way of going about creating a disposable identity is using the Fake Name Generator website.

You simply select a gender, a nationality, and a country — Fake Name Generator does the rest.

It creates a real name and address for you with a local phone number. But it goes much further than that — you get a mother’s maiden name, a random password, a birthday, a bank card, and so on.

Obviously, all these information are completely bogus. But they are real enough for those sneaky information-hungry websites.

Final Thoughts

I like using these services very much and do so regularly. Have you ever use a one-time email address or a disposable name? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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