How to Delete Massive Amounts of Spam Comments in WordPress


Spam comments can pile up quickly on WordPress blogs with moderate to high traffic. At times, the amount of spam can become so large that deleting it via the WordPress Dashboard takes too long or doesn’t work at all. Fortunately, there is another way to remove spam.

Removing Spam via WordPress Dashboard

In case you don’t have an inordinate amount of spam coming in, you can delete the spam messages via WordPress Dashboard > Comments.

At the Comments page, select the Spam category, and within it click on the Empty Spam button.

Depending on your internet connection’s capacity and speed, as well as on the web hosting you use, this can take a few seconds or even a minute.

Removing Spam via SQL

In case, the Empty Spam button approach fails because the request’s time limit expires, try deleting the spam via your SQL database.

If you never worked with your WordPress blog’s SQL database, you can familiarize yourself with the concept here.

To remove all spam comments, use the following SQL command:

This approach is much faster because the only data that travels over the internet is the command.

The removal process is completed directly at your hosting company’s server.

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