How to Display Clear Font Types in Images


When adding text into images, make sure that you turn on anti-aliasing for the font type. Anti-aliasing is a process that eliminates distortions when displaying high-resolution images, or in this case, text at lower resolutions.

You can turn anti-aliasing on and off in all serious image editors.

Anti-aliasing is necessary to use with texts in images, otherwise True Type or Open Type fonts are not displayed smoothly. Instead, they look like old-fashioned bitmap fonts where each pixel is clearly differentiated.

Samples Without Anti-Aliasing

Here are sample texts written with the Georgia Open Type font at various font sizes without using anti-aliasing:


Text without anti-aliasing

The distortions are very visible and not nice at all. They are even annoying to a certain degree.

Samples with Anti-Aliasing

Now, let’s see the same sample texts with anti-aliasing turned on:


Text with anti-aliasing

Notice the difference at the texts’ outlines — there is no rasterization present, the curves of the texts are smooth. These samples are much easier to look at and read.

Anti-Aliasing in Photoshop Elements

I like to use Photoshop Elements for my image editing needs. To toggle anti-aliasing in Photoshop Elements use this button:


Anti-aliasing button in Photoshop Elements

The button is easy to spot — it’s an abbreviation for the process: AA.

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