How to Easily Locate a Bookmark’s Folder in Mozilla Firefox


If you are like me and you have thousands of bookmarks, you need to have them well-organized to actually make use of them. I organized my bookmarks into several layers of folders and sub-folders. The one problem with this approach in Mozilla Firefox is that when trying to find a specific bookmark, I have a hard time locating its folder.

To show you what I am talking about, let’s say that I want to find the bookmark for Hang Seng Bank.

Search for a Bookmark

To do this, I launch Mozilla Firefox, then open its bookmark manager called the Library with the Ctrl+Shift+B keyboard shortcut.


Search Bookmarks

I type Hang Seng in the Search Bookmarks box.


Search Bookmarks output

Firefox finds the bookmark all right but I have no clue where it is located within the folder tree of my many bookmarks.

Show Parent Folder Add-On

There is an elegant solution to this bug in Mozilla Firefox.

Go to the Mozilla add-on page of Show Parent Folder and click on the + Add to Firefox button.

Show Parent Folder add-on page

Show Parent Folder add-on page

You will need to restart Firefox to finish installing the add-on.

After that, you will notice one little change among the Library’s Views > Show Columns menu items:


Mozilla Firefox Library — Views — Parent Folder

There is now a new Parent Folder menu item. Once you activate it by clicking on it, you will have a new column of that name show up in the right pane of the Library.

This comes in handy especially when trying to locate a specific bookmark among thousands of bookmarks organized into hundreds of folders and sub-folders.

Now when I do a search on Hang Seng, this is what comes up:


Search Bookmarks output with parent folder column

And there it is! The bookmark can be found in a folder called Banking.

Now it is very easy to locate my bookmarks.

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