How to Expand Shortlinks


Last time I showed you how to create and use shortlinks. This time let’s take a look at the opposite side of the equation, namely how to unshorten or expand a shortlink to its complete URL address.

There are many services available for this purpose. I will present to you only three — the ones I like most.

I like a lot because not only does it display the whole URL of a shortlink, it also gives you the description and screenshot of where you’re going to land once you click on the link. And it uses Web of Trust‘s trustworthiness and child safety indexes.


And you can use it both as an online service and as a browser add-on. Currently supports Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Longurl is simpler than the previous service. It shows you a smaller screenshot. On the other hand, as a bonus it shows the description of the link and also its keywords and redirects.

Longurl also comes as a Mozilla Firefox add-on.

Possibly the simplest URL expander of them all, wheredoesthislinkgo does exactly what its name says and nothing more. Simply shows you the expanded version of the shortlink and that’s it.

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