How to Find Out What Theme a WordPress Blog Uses


When browsing I regularly come across blogs that are visually beautiful and well-designed. Such websites always inspire me and I try to learn as much from them as possible.

The first step in learning from another WordPress blog is to find out what theme it utilizes.

Over time I came to use the following three tools to do this:

  1. What WP Theme Is That
  2. WP Theme Detector
  3. What Theme

What WordPress Theme Is That?

The first two tools give detailed information about a theme and also detect plugins in use, although only some of them.

These tools identify a blog’s WordPress theme via several methods, the simplest being a search of the website’s source and style.css file.

In some cases one tool is not able to find the theme’s name. I suggest trying all three before giving up hope.

And even then, you can write an email to the blog’s author and ask him or her politely for the theme’s name. Some bloggers are so happy to share such information that they will include it on a dedicated page of their blog.

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