How to Fix Incorrect Playback Image in VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player by the Videolan not for profit organization is my favorite media player. I would even go as far as to say that it is the best and most versatile media player out there. It is free, open source, and comes in a portable version, too.

I extremely rarely find a movie that the VLC Media Player can’t play back. There were only two or three occurrences of that behavior over many years.

But there is an inconvenience that occurs more often, namely that the video played back has its colors shifted.

Like this:

VLC Media Player — Shifted colors in video playback

VLC Media Player — Shifted colors in video playback

I struggled with this issue for a while. But after trying out anything and everything I found a quite simple solution.

Launch VLC Media Player and open in it the video file with the shifted colors.

Then go to Tools > Effects and Filters in VLC Media Player’s menu bar. This will open up the Adjustments and Effects window.

Select the Video Effects tab and in it the Advanced subtab.

Then tick the Clone box.

VLC Media Player — Adjustments & Effects

Adjustments & Effects

This action will open up another media player window which will be a clone of the original media player window.

However, in this clone window the colors will already be in their correct positions.

VLC Media Player — Clone window

Clone window

Now all you need to do is untick the Clone box in the Adjustments and Effects window to close the clone window.

Don’t worry, the playback will proceed correctly in the original window — you will not see the shifted color anymore.

VLC Media Player — Original video playback window

Original video playback window

VLC Media Player — Correct colors in video playback

Correct colors in video playback

And that’s all there is to it. Once you know who to go about it, the solution is very simple indeed.

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