How to Get Google AdWords Credit for Free Worldwide — UPDATE!


It seems that with the change of Google’s logo, other things changed, too. Some Google teams might have not liked my post that summarized all the Google links with free AdWords credit into a comprehensive list.

For example, the original link to free Google AdWords credit for customers based in the United States was:

The link worked when I published my original post in January 2015, but now it is defunct.

Google AdWords coupon page 404 error

Google AdWords coupon page 404 error

It’s got to be a recent change, too, because a search for adwords-coupon.html comes up with a cached version of the now defunct page on the very first position.

Cached Google AdWords coupon page

Cached Google AdWords coupon page

The same thing happened for various other country specific Google AdWords coupon pages, too.

Anyway, I found a workaround to this problem.

When looking for free Google AdWords credit pages all you have to do is add the following parameter to the URL:

So, for example, when you are looking up the Slovenian free credit page, you don’t use the old page, which was

but the new one, which is:

So, basically, you just change the appendix to the base AdWords URL from coupons/ to ?channel=gdn-ef.

Then, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Get started section and click on the drop down list with the names of all available languages and regions.

Google AdWords languages and regions

Google AdWords languages and regions

As you click over to other country-specific locations, you will always land on the localized page where you can get your free Google AdWords credit.

As for US-based customers, since I mentioned the defunct page at the beginning of this post, you can now use the following URL:

Google AdWords free credit coupon page

Google AdWords free credit coupon page

It works!

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