How to Get Google AdWords Credit for Free Worldwide


Do you like to use Google AdWords for your online marketing purposes? Then you should know that Google likes to promote its AdWords services by giving out extra credit for its users’ campaigns. Read on to learn how to qualify and receive your promotional credit.

Conditions of Receiving Free Credit

You have to create a new Google AdWords account. Do this by clicking here. The account must be 14 days old or less in order for it to qualify for promotional credit.

Now click on the link next to your country in the tables below. You will arrive at Google’s local AdWords page. There you will enter your email address linked to your Google AdWords account and request a promotional coupon.

After you receive your promotional code, log in to your Google AdWords account. To do this, click here.

To get to the promotional codes page, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Google AdWords dashboard, then click Billing > Manage promotional codes > +Promotional Code.

You can then enter your promotional code. Be sure to enter it exactly as it was sent to you (i.e. uppercase letters, dashes), then click Save.


Google AdWords Promo Code

Next, you have to create a Google AdWords campaign and spend a certain amount in a certain currency within a specified time of requesting the promotional coupon. The amount to spend is specified in the tables below next to each country. The time frame to spend the amount is usually one or two months.

Your account will be automatically credited within five days of fulfilling the above mentioned requirements.


Google has no limit regarding how many accounts a person or a business can have. As far as I know, you can create as many of them as you wish.

Links to Promotional Codes by Country

North America

Country Amount to Spend Credit to Receive
Canada 25 CAD 75 CAD
Mexico 300 MXN 600 MXN

South America

Country Amount to Spend Credit to Receive
Argentina 100 ARS 200 ARS
Brazil 50 BRL 100 BRL

European Union

Country Amount to Spend Credit to Receive
European Union 25 EUR 75 EUR
Austria 25 EUR 75 EUR
Belgium 25 EUR 75 EUR
Bulgaria 30 BGN 90 BGN
Croatia 100 HRK 400 HRK
Czech Republic 250 CZK 1.000 CZK
Denmark 200 DKK 600 DKK
Estonia 10 EUR 40 EUR
Finland 25 EUR 75 EUR
France 25 EUR 75 EUR
Germany 25 EUR 75 EUR
Greece 25 EUR 75 EUR
Hungary 5.000 HUF 15.000 HUF
Ireland 25 EUR 75 EUR
Italy 25 EUR 75 EUR
Latvia 10 EUR 40 EUR
Lithuania 50 LTL 150 LTL
Netherlands 25 EUR 75 EUR
Poland 100 PLN 200 PLN
Portugal 20 EUR 60 EUR
Romania 100 RON 100 RON
Slovakia 25 EUR 75 EUR
Slovenia 20 EUR 60 EUR
Spain 25 EUR 75 EUR
Sweden 250 SEK 750 SEK
United Kingdom 25 GBP 75 GBP

Rest of Europe

Country Amount to Spend Credit to Receive
Norway 250 NOK 750 NOK
Russia 500 RUB 1.000 RUB
Serbia 10 EUR 40 EUR
Switzerland 25 CHF 100 CHF
Turkey 25 TRL 100 TRL
Ukraine 400 UAH 400 UAH


Country Amount to Spend Credit to Receive
Hong Kong 100 HKD 400 HKD
India 5.000 INR 5.000 INR
Indonesia 150.000 IDR 450.000 IDR
Israel 100 ILS 300 ILS
Japan 2.500 JPN 10.000 JPN
Malaysia 50 MYR 150 MYR
Saudi Arabia 100 SAR 300 SAR
Singapore 25 SGD 75 SGD
South Korea 15.000 KRW 50.000 KRW
Taiwan 500 TWD 1.500 TWD
Thailand 500 THB 1.500 THB

The Pacific

Country Amount to Spend Credit to Receive
Australia 25 AUD 100 AUD
New Zealand 25 NZD 100 NZD


Country Amount to Spend Credit to Receive
Egypt 50 EGP 150 EGP
South Africa 200 ZAR 600 ZAR

As far as I know, this is a complete list of all available promotional code country sites for Google AdWords.

If you know about links to the countries not listed above, please let me know, and I will add them to the list.

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