How to Make Magnet Links Open with uTorrent Portable


When you use uTorrent Portable instead of a standard installed version of uTorrent, you need to associate magnet links with uTorrent Portable manually. So that when you click on magnet links in your browser, they will automatically open with uTorrent Portable.

To associate magnet links with uTorrent Portable, open up Notepad and copy-paste the following script into it:

Important Note

In the last line of the script, change the location of the uTorrent Portable executable file, so that it corresponds with its location on your own computer.

Save the Notepad file with the .reg extension, for example as magnet.reg.

Also, remember to save the Notepad file in ANSI encoding.

Notepad — Save file with ANSI encoding

Notepad — Save file with ANSI encoding

Otherwise, Windows will complain that the file is not a registry script and won’t be able to run it.


Registry Editor error message

If you properly save the file and run it by double-clicking on it, Windows will ask you for approval regarding the changes to the registry you wish to make.


Registry Editor warning message

Click Yes to approve.

Windows will then add the keys and values to the registry.


Registry Editor success message

Click OK to close the pop up.

The last piece of information Windows will need is whether you want to make the magnet link’s association with uTorrent Portable permanent.

Click on a magnet link in your browser. The Launch Application window will pop up.


Launch Application — uTorrent Portable

In it, tick the box next to Remember my choice for magnet links, then click OK, and you are done.

Whenever you click on a magnet link, it will be automatically opened with uTorrent Portable.

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