How to Make the Red Lines Go Away


Every blogger or writer knows about the red lines. These occur when text editors don’t have a word that has been typed in their database and, thus, they mark it as a spelling error. However, sometimes it is easier to write a text without being constantly reminded about errors.

I can focus better on writing when I don’t see red lines below every other word I wrote. When there is also programming code, weird names, specialist technical terms, etc. in a text, the amount of red lines can be overwhelming.

Therefore, I like to disable the spelling check feature of my text editor while I type. Then, when I am done typing, I turn it back on to see whether there are any errors present in the text.

When using WordPress, right-click in the text editing area of your browser and deselect the Check Spelling option in the context menu.

In LibreOffice or OpenOffice, press F7 to open the Spelling and Grammar window. Within it click on the Options… button. In the Options window untick the Check spelling as you type feature.

Options — Check spelling as you type

Options — Check spelling as you type

Or use the spellcheck buttons to enable or disable the feature. These are usually marked with the letters ABC.


Spellcheck buttons

In most cases text editors are much the same. Simply look for a setting with spelling in its name and you will soon find out how to disable the red lines in any text editor.

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