How to Replug a USB Device Without Touching Its Cable


How many times did it happen to you that you safely removed a USB device such as an external hard drive and five seconds later you remembered that you needed one more file from it? This scenario happens to me several times a week.

It is really annoying to disconnect the USB cable from the USB port just to reconnect it again. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t offer a native way around this cable dance.

Dev Eject

But then I discovered Dev Eject and became addicted to it instantly.


Dev Eject

Dev Eject is a small utility that replaces the native Safely Remove tool.

It then lets you unplug and replug USB devices connected to the computer without disconnecting and reconnecting the devices’ USB cables.

There are other similar utilities available on the internet, but I only use Dev Eject. There are three reasons for this:

  • Dev Eject is free.
  • Dev Eject is very small — only 1MB installed.
  • Dev Eject takes up less than 30MB of memory.

You can download the current version of Dev Eject here.

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