How to Send Anonymous Email for Free


From time to time you might need to send anonymous email. Here is a comprehensive list of the services available to achieve that goal — some of them are paid and some are free.

Anonymous Email — The Paid Options

TORGUARD.NET requires you to create an account. This goes against the idea of anonymity to a certain degree. Although, you could always feed it fake information.

GUERILLAMAIL.COM includes a X-Originating-IP:[] header in your outgoing email. That clearly identifies the sender, so I guess this service can be anonymous only when used with a fake IP address.


This service warns you in its FAQ that they:

may disclose your identity and message content if necessary to (1) comply with a legal order from a court, regulatory agency or other governmental authority, (2) to enforce the terms of this agreement, or (3) in the service’s sole judgment, to protect any persons or entities from imminent harm.

Sounds good, unless you have ever heard of social engineering. Because nobody has ever claimed to be a “governmental authority”. And neither has a g-man ever abused his or her “authority”.

Anyway, it’s one thing to record the IP address of the sender. But for a service claiming to be anonymous to record even the contents of the message, that’s just too much.

As far as I am concerned, this is not an anonymous service at all.


This one actually looks good. Just make sure that you don’t use the account to send out anonymous emails. I mean, that’s just common sense, right?


This is another service that uses the bullet-proof logic of “give us your personal information, so that you can stay anonymous”. Riiight…

But, again, just feed it fake information and it’s all cool.


It seems to me that many of these paid services are useful to receive email to a random account which then forwards the email to your real email account. But they are not so much geared towards sending out anonymous email messages.

Let’s see how the free options fare…

Anonymous Email — The Free Options


Note the Sorry, the Anonymous Email page is temporarily disabled for re-programming. line. Must be some programming job, because it has been saying that for the last seven or eight years…


This service doesn’t mention any reprogramming issues, nevertheless it doesn’t work. My test email was not delivered even after 24 hours.


This service doesn’t work either. It throws an error at


This service doesn’t work either. My test email was not delivered even after 24 hours.


This service doesn’t work either. My test email was not delivered even after 24 hours.

What’s the point of keeping all this crap online?


5ymail looks a bit tacky, but it does work without any delays. And your IP address is not revealed anywhere in the email headers.

On the downside, it adds a stupid text ad below your message. Judge for yourselves… test email and text ad test email and text ad

ANONYMOUSE.ORG works nice with a cca. 20-minute delay. It includes the following information in the email source:

Final Comments

I was shocked that there is basically no real market for email anonymizing services. I guess people are already aware that sending out plain-text email is as public as it gets, so why even bother anonymizing it.

For those looking for email anonymity and privacy, encryption is probably the most important point of consideration.

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Would you use a Swiss encrypted email service that is totally free, open source, created by scientists, and works the same as Gmail — to protect your privacy?

Anyway, your best shot at remaining anonymous using one of the above services is to:

  1. Use a VPN service to anonymize your outgoing IP address.
  2. Use to send your anonymous email message.

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