How to Split, Merge, Extract, Rotate, or Stamp PDF Files


Lots of times it is necessary to make simple adjustments to PDF files. Whether you need to split a PDF document to its pages, merge multiple PDF documents, extract a part of a PDF document, or simply rotate the pages, you need a program to accomplish any of these changes.

There are two great and free tools that you can use to split PDF files into separate pages.

PDF Split and Merge

The first is PDF Split and Merge.

With PDF Split and Merge you can:

  • split a PDF document into chapters, single pages, etc.
  • merge PDF documents or subsections of them
  • extract sections of a PDF document into a single PDF document
  • mix alternate pages taken from two PDF documents in straight or reverse order into a single PDF document
  • rotate pages of the selected PDF documents
  • visually reorder pages of a selected PDF document
  • compose a document dragging pages from selected PDF documents

PDFTK Builder

The second tool is PDFTK Builder.

With PDFTK Builder you can:

  • split a PDF document to its pages
  • join multiple PDF documents into one
  • add a stamp or a background sourced from another PDF document
  • rotate pages in a PDF document
  • add an owner password to the PDF document which disables users from editing the document, although anyone can still read it
  • add a user password to the PDF document which stops anyone without either user or owner password from opening and reading the PDF document


I recommend PDF Split and Merge because it has a more intuitive feel to it. But mainly because it also comes in a portable version.

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