How to Stitch Photos Together to Create a Panorama


There are at least two reasons for creating panoramic images. First, they are very nice. Second, they enable you to create one image with a much better resolution instead of lots of small resolution images.

Creating a Panorama

First you need to take the shots you wish to stitch together into a panorama.

One way to do this is to use a tripod for your camera. However this approach will create unrealistic views — such as in the panoramic image of my kitchen seen below.

The way I do it, in case of outdoors photography, is that I find a structure I can lean on and move from one side of the view to the other taking shots that overlap in at least 30% of their areas.

When the images are taken, you need a software program to stitch the images into a panorama.

I use Adobe’s Photoshop Elements for my image editing needs. I got used to it over the last four or five years. Before that I was a long-time user of Corel Draw; I used it from version 5 up. But as I started to work on web projects more often, I found that Photoshop is much more user-friendly in that area.

To create a panorama, launch Photoshop Elements and click File > New > Photomerge Panorama… in its menu.

In the Panorama tool’s window, click on the Browse… button to select the image files you wish to stitch together.


Photomerge Panorama

When you are ready, simply click OK and Photoshop Elements will do the rest.

You can create panoramas from images taken both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors Panoramas

Here is an example of an indoors panorama. It is a panorama of my kitchen stitched together from 25 shots.

kitchen panorama

Indoors panorama of my kitchen

Outdoors Panoramas

And here are two examples of outdoors panoramas — both are views from local castles (the first from Bratislava Castle and the second from Trenčín Castle).

Bratislava castle panorama

Bratislava castle panorama

Trenčín castle panorama

Trenčín castle panorama

If you are not willing to buy Photoshop Elements, you can achieve similar results in the free and open-source GIMP program with the Pandora plugin installed.

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