How to Stream Shows and Movies


It is Friday again and it is time for another Friday Fun post. Today, I will look into web streaming, in other words how to stream TV shows and movies from the internet onto your computer screen. And how to do it in a free and safe manner.

I have the following conditions when examining online streaming services:

  • Is the streaming service available for free?
  • Is the streaming service available anywhere in the world?
  • Does the streaming service handle the load, i.e. is there buffering every five seconds?
  • Is the installation of any software or browser plugin required?
  • Do I have to manually download something?
  • Do I have to register an account somewhere?

The answers should be yes for the first three questions and no for the last three questions.

Keeping this in mind, here is a list of the best streaming services currently available out there:

Free Movie Streaming Services


This service offers only Hindi movies.

Free TV Show Streaming Services

Free Streaming of Non-Mainstream Content On-Demand

Free Search Engines for Streaming Movies and TV Shows


This service both searches and streams videos. Also, they currently offer multiple Christmas movies right on their homepage.


This service both searches and streams videos.

Important Notes

Although I made sure that only the safest streaming services are listed, some of the search results will still lead to streaming sites which require the installation of additional plugins to your browser. In most cases the plugin is called Vaudix and it is a kind of malware that serves ads — otherwise known as an adware. I highly recommend not installing it and not using any services that might have such requirements.
In other cases the streaming sites will require you to create an account with them. I strongly recommend not to do this either and rather find another stream elsewhere.
I also recommend enabling some extra safety features in your browsers when using the above-mentioned services. Read my previous post about the topic.

Paid Streaming Services

Google Play Movies

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Important Note

This service is only available in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan.

Services Available Only in the US


Hulu by Comcast, Fox, and Disney

Streampix by Comcast

Vudu by Wal-Mart

Use to search for content available at paid streaming services.

There are many more paid services but they are limited to streaming to specific devices, such as smart TVs, smartphones, etc.

The main drawback of paid services is that they mostly target US customers. The rest of the world can either pretend to be from the US (by changing their computers’ IP addresses) or can use the above-mentioned free streaming services.

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