How to Turn Off Plugin Update Notifications in WordPress


WordPress has an excellent feature letting admins know when new versions of installed plugins are available. This is great most of the time. But eventually it is bound to happen that a plugin author comes out with a bad update.

There are millions of WordPress installations. So it is an impossible expectation that every plugin should work with every theme everywhere. It’s not going to happen.

From time to time a plugin that works great gets upgraded and messes up the whole WordPress installation. In such a case the remedy is simple.

Go to the plugin’s WordPress page. Click on the Developers link in the plugin’s menu bar. Scroll down a bit and download the older version of the plugin that has been working great before the update happened.

This is exactly what I did on a website I help manage when a plugin called Pinterest Pin It Button For Images got updated from version 1.0.1 to 1.1.0.

In version 1.0.1 everything worked great. After the update, things went south.


WordPress Update Notifications

But an annoying thing remained. When I logged into the WordPress Dashboard, I still saw the three notifications that there is a newer version of the plugin available. They were distracting me, they were visually annoying me, and after a while they became unbearable.

Unfortunately, there is no button to tell WordPress that a specific plugin update is not wanted.

So, I thought of a simple trick to make the annoyance go away.

I went to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Editor.

I selected Pinterest Pin It Button For Images from the drop-down menu and clicked on the Select button.


WordPress Plugin Select

This action automatically showed me the ppibfi_pinterest.php file. At the beginning of this file, I simply edited the version number of the plugin.

I changed this:

to this:

By doing so, I effectively told WordPress that the plugin has been updated. The annoying notifications from the Dashboard were gone. And I continue to use the older version of the plugin which works great for me.

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