Lightning Calendar and Task Manager Now Comes Bundled with Thunderbird


Last time I wrote about Mozilla, I was bashing them for the integration of Pocket into Mozilla Firefox. This time I have to write a laudatory post about Mozilla, because of their decision to integrate the Lightning add-on into Mozilla Thunderbird.


Lightning by the Mozilla Calendar Project is an excellent and free add-on.

Lightning lets you organize your activities and responsibilities in a super easy and intuitive way.

In Thunderbird’s main window, there are three new icons available.

The icon with the number 7 in it stands for the Calendar part of Lightning.

The icon with a check mark in it stands for the Tasks part of Lightning.


`Lightning add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird

These two icons are located in the top right corner of Thunderbird’s window.

There is one more icon, which is located in the bottom right corner of Thunderbird’s window. And this icon is called the Today Pane.

Once you click on it, a new narrow pane rolls up in the right part of Thunderbird’s window.

This pane contains an overview of upcoming events and tasks, as well as a mini calendar.

You can even add new events and tasks here, but it is much more comfortable to click on the icons and add them in the Calendar and Tasks tabs.


The Calendar tab of the add-on lets you organize your routine. The calendar window consists of three parts.

There is a calendar in the left pane, where you can select the date for an event. For example, you can select the year 2018, the month of April, and then the 24th day of the month.

You can also browse between months one month at a time, going back or forward. Clicking on the circle icon (Go to Today) will show you the current day.

Once you click on the selected day, the bottom part of the right pane will automatically show you that day.

Here you can switch between several views: Day, Week, Multiweek, and Month — depending on how many tasks you have lined up at that time.

In the upper part of the right pane, you an choose which events to list — All Events, Today’s Events, Events in the Next 7/14/31 Days, Events in the Calendar Month, All Future Events, Currently Selected Day, or Events in the Current View.

You can also filter which events to show based on keywords. To filter the events, type in a keyword in the contain box. The events will be automatically filtered as you type.

Mozilla Lightning — Calendar

Mozilla Lightning — Calendar


The layout of the Tasks tab is very similar to the Calendar tab.

The only difference being that you can select which tasks to show in the bottom part of the left pane.

Mozilla Lightning — Tasks

Mozilla Lightning — Tasks

The integration of Lightning into Mozilla Thunderbird is good news, because this way Lightning will be always up-to-date and will be always compatible with the newest version of Thunderbird.

Good job, Mozilla!

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