How to Make Mozilla Thunderbird Send Out Invite Receipts from the Correct Email Address


It kept happening to me that I received an email invitation and when I accepted it, Mozilla Thunderbird would send back my invite receipts from the incorrect email address. Finally, I few days ago, I’ve had enough of this and resolved the problem.

Obviously, this issue only comes up when you are using Mozilla Thunderbird to access several email accounts. However, if a person sends you an invitation to a conference call to one email address and you send back your acceptance from an entirely different email address, it is not only confusing but also looks unprofessional.

The problem lies in the fact that the Calendar module in Mozilla Thunderbird only creates one default event calendar. And it uses the first email address (the one on the top of your list of email accounts) to send out all your invite receipts. No matter that the invitation was sent to a different email address, Calendar doesn’t care about this, it simply defaults to the main email address to send all invite receipts.

Thankfully, resolving this issue is very easy.

Go to the Calendar tab either by clicking on the little calendar icon at the top of Mozilla Thunderbird’s main window or via the menu item Events and Tasks > Calendar.

Then right-click on the default event calendar in the left pane of the Calendar tab and select Properties from the drop-down menu.

Right-click on the default event calendar

Now you can study how the default event calendar is set up before creating a separate event calendar for each of your email accounts.

Event calendar setup

You need to choose a Calendar name, a Color for the calendar, and select an email account from the drop-down menu.

To create a new calendar, all you need to do is to right-click in the left pane of the Calendar tab and select New Calendar… from the drop-down menu.

These are pretty straightforward settings but here are few good ideas anyway. Choose such a name for the calendar that it’s immediately obvious which email account is connected to it. Also, select a color that is most in line with the project or website that connects to the calendar.

I used the name and main brand color of the websites that are connected with each of my email accounts. This way, it only takes a split second for me to identify which calendar deals with which project.

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