Move Your Screenshots to the Next Level with Greenshot


Since I started blogging I couldn’t count the number of hours I saved by not using the native Windows screenshot feature. Instead I use Greenshot, a free and portable screen capture software that is much more advanced than the simple Windows PrtScr.


You can download Greenshot’s latest installer package here.

Or you can opt for the portable version here — you need to download the latest ZIP archive with RELEASE in its name.

Currently, the most recent portable version is called

Remember to always check any and all downloaded files for malware.

After the check is negative, you can either install Greenshot or extract its portable files.


First, create a target sub-folder for Greenshot in your portable software folder. I created a folder at C:\Portable where I add all my portable software. This way I have much better control over my portable programs.

Then extract the files contained in the downloaded ZIP archive using the free and open-source 7-Zip.


After launching Greenshot, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to capture your whole screen or a region of it:

  • PrtScr — lets you manually select a region of the screen you wish to capture
  • Alt+PrtScr — captures the window currently in focus
  • Ctrl+PrtScr — captures the whole screen


Click on Greenshot’s icon and select Preferences in the context menu.

In the Capture tab of the Settings window, untick Capture mousepointer.

You can also shorten the time period Greenshot will wait before capturing your screen. The default is set to 100 milliseconds to wait before capture.


Greenshot Capture settings

In the Output tab, select the folder called Storage location where your screenshots should be saved.


Greenshot Output settings

In the Destination tab, untick Select destination dynamically and then tick Save directly (using preferred file output settings).


Greenshot Destination settings

This way, you will be able to use the above mentioned keyboard shortcuts and Greenshot will automatically save your screenshots into your storage folder and your screen captures will have the file extension you selected.

There’s no need to edit the images — they can be immediately used in your blog.

Greenshot really streamlines the screen capturing process and saves a lot of time.

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