Using Jump Lists


A simple way to increase your productivity while using Windows is to use jump lists. Jump lists were introduced in Windows 7 and they are a clever way of having handy access to recently opened files.

What and Where?

What are jump lists? Jump lists are lists of recently opened files that are displayed in the Start Menu and the Taskbar.

Where can jump lists be found? When you open a file — let’s say in Notepad — Notepad shows up in the Start Menu’s Recent Programs list. Next to Notepad there will be a right arrow.

If you click on or hover your mouse over the arrow, a jump list of files recently opened by Notepad appears. Similarly, if you have Notepad pinned to your Taskbar and you right-click on its icon a drop-up menu appears with the same jump list.

Pin and Unpin

Next to each item in the jump list, there is a small push pin icon. By clicking on it, you are able to promote that item to the top of the jump list and it will remain there until you unpin it.

You can pin and unpin items also by right-clicking on them and selecting either Pin to this list or Unpin from this list.

Number of Items

You can set the maximum number of items that will be displayed in all jump lists. This number also includes pinned items.

To set or change the number of items visible in jump lists, right-click on your Taskbar and select Properties.

Number of items on Jump Lists

Number of items on Jump Lists

In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window click on the Start Menu tab, then on the Customize… button in the upper-right corner. On the bottom of the Customize Start Menu window, set the Number of recent items to display in jump lists — from 0 to 99.

Then click OK, Apply, and OK.

Clear Jump Lists

To clear jump lists, you can either right-click on a single item in the list and select Remove from this list.

Clear Jump Lists

Clear Jump Lists

Or, in case you want to completely clear all jump lists at once, you can right-click on your Taskbar and select Properties. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window click on the Start Menu tab. And there untick the checkbox next to Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar.

Then click Apply and OK, and it’s done.

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