What Can a Newly Opened Browser Tab Display


One way to customize your online experience is to set what is going to be displayed when you open a new tab in your browser. Here is a short run down of the various options you have in this area.


Most people opt for showing the same homepage all the time — a favorite website or, more probably, their favorite search engine.

Start Page

You can also choose one of the many available start page add-ons for your browser. There are especially many of them available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

A list of the more prominent ones follows:

Speed Dial 2
for Google Chrome — 466000+ users

Speed Dial
for Mozilla Firefox — 409000+ users

FVD Speed Dial
for Google Chrome — 378000+ users
for Mozilla Firefox — 147000+ users

Awesome New Tab Page
for Google Chrome — 249000+ users

Fast Dial
for Mozilla Firefox — 156000+ users
for Google Chrome — 14000+ users

Super Start
for Mozilla Firefox — 91000+ users


Then you have the option to display a website that will function as a start page. This is a combination of the previous two options. The most well-known such website is Symbaloo.

Text Editor

You can even display a simple text editor. Just use the following code the same way you would copy-paste a website’s URL address:

You can tweak the code by setting a different background color, text color, font size, or font family.


Lastly, you can choose to show nothing or a blank page. Some people prefer this because they consider anything else a distraction.

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