Our Creative Process

We know that you care about your WordPress site. Therefore we understand that when you have a problem with your site, you need that problem fixed immediately with no excuses.

It is our job to keep your website humming. You can always count on us to do our job in a fast, precise, and professional manner. Plus we do it with a smile on our face.

We continuously educate ourselves in the latest WordPress and web-related technologies to serve our customers in the best possible ways.

How do we serve our customers?

If you want us to fix a small issue on your site, then that’s what we do. You give us some pretty straightforward instructions, such as “I need a button placed into my site’s header.” and we make the change that you require.

If you order one of our services, then our job is a bit more complex. We need to analyze your website in more detail to come up with the most fitting solution for your specific circumstances. We always ask for your approval first, before making major changes to your site.

If you subscribe to one of our maintenance packages, then we will be taking care of your site on a regular basis. This is the best way to build up a working relationship. We keep your WordPress site up to date and secure. And you can always ask us to make some changes to your site, since you have prepaid for our services.

The ten step plan

If you want us to build a completely new WordPress site for you, we use a ten step plan to make that happen. You are involved in all these steps and your approval is always needed to move forward.

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    We start up a discussion with you to define the purposes and goals, as well as the target audience for your website.

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    We create a sitemap that will serve as a guideline for creating the working structure of your site.

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    We decide what technologies we should be using to achieve the site’s goals and to properly build out its structure.

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    Preliminary Design

    We create a preliminary design, so that you get a more realistic idea and feeling about your site’s visual style and usability.

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    WordPress Setup

    We add a WordPress theme and all necessary plugins to your new site. We also make all the necessary customizations to adhere to your design choices.

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    We add all the content you have provided for us, i.e. texts, images, videos. We discuss how your content can be optimized for your target audience and the major search engines.

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    We thoroughly test your new site for errors and conflicts. We make sure that it looks the same in all browsers and across all devices.

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    Revisiting Plans

    We revisit the site’s plans regarding purposes, goals and audiences. We make sure that we created a site that actually fulfills your original expectations.

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    The Launch

    We launch the site and fix any bugs that may show up in its live usage. We will also offer our site maintainance services to keep your new site running smoothly.

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    We send you detailed documentation for your site that will describe all of its major features and functionalities in easy-to-understand, plain English. Should you run into any problems, you can always submit a support ticket.