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What is your website’s problem that needs solving?

I need a basic SEO audit

We audit the current rankings of your site in search engines and other authority sites. We identify issues and problem areas related to SEO. We propose solutions aimed at improving the search engine visibility and overall ranking of your site.

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I need a basic security audit

We audit all the various aspects of your site’s security. We identify your site's security issues and problem areas. We propose solutions to avoid future security problems.

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I need to set up a WordPress site

We take all actions necessary to have a self-hosted WordPress blog ready to use for you. Specifically, register your domain name, set up your hosting service, install and configure WordPress core, theme, and a selection of very important security and performance related plugins.

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I need to migrate my WordPress site

We move your WordPress database and files to your new hosting provider. We also troubleshoot any technical difficulties that might arise from the relocation of your site to the new hosting provider.

If you are not sure which hosting provider to choose, we can recommend the most suitable WordPress hosting solutions based on price, value, and your site's specific needs.

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I need my WordPress site to be mobile ready and responsive

We make all the necessary changes that will make your WordPress site completely responsive and mobile friendly. This is very important in order to attract traffic from the growing community of smartphone and tablet users — they already make up more than 50% of all web visitors.

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I need to add ads to my WordPress site

We set up your Google AdWords or any other network’s advertisement boxes. We can customize the placement, occurrence, and visibility of ads on your site’s home page, individual pages and posts.

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I need to add an eshop to my WordPress site

We install, configure, and customize an ecommerce system that fits your WordPress eshop’s specific needs. Our go-to choices are Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

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I need my WordPress site to receive more traffic

We audit the current traffic coming to your site. Then we deploy solutions specifically aimed at improving existing traffic sources and creating new ones.

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I need to upgrade my server to PHP 7

We configure your server to use PHP 7 or newer on your website. PHP 7 performs up to 300% faster than older versions of PHP. It's also much more secure than older PHP 5.x versions.

Even though PHP 7 was officially released December 3, 2015, many hosting companies still haven't implemented it by default.

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I need my WordPress site to load faster

We audit your site’s load time and overall speed. We install and configure tools that will solve any problems related to your site's speed being too slow.

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I need my WordPress site's URL to begin with HTTPS

We install and configure an SSL/TLS security certificate to your WordPress site. Our go-to choice is the Let's Encrypt certificate. Depending on your preferences, this will make your whole site or parts of it begin with https:// in the URL address.

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I need to rebrand my WordPress site

We help you transition from one domain name to another. This is required when people wish to rebrand their products or services.

This is an all-inclusive service, i.e. we do all the necessary changes and you just log in to your newly rebranded site. We also make sure that you keep all your existing link juice.

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My WordPress site has gone blank... Help!

We know what an emergency feels like. You or someone else updated a theme, a plugin, or just added a line of code somewhere — and now the whole site is gone. We will identify the issue and restore your site instantly.

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I need an advanced SEO audit

We do everything that is included in the basic SEO audit service. But we also propose and deploy solutions aimed at improving your site's search engine visibility and overall ranking.

We research and deploy keywords for up to 10 individual pages on your site. Optimizing your content with specific keywords will help your site rank better in search engine result pages. This will also help you reach more people and bringing in more traffic to your site.

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I need an advanced security audit

We audit all the various aspects of your site’s security. We strengthen your site’s security by patching any vulnerabilities that are present and by proposing steps to avoid future security problems.

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I think my WordPress site has been hacked

We look for signs of hacking in your database and files. We identify how the hackers got in to your site. We clean your site of all traces of the hack. And we propose steps and policies to prevent future occurrences of a hack.

The final price depends on how severe a hack we are dealing with. Prices start at $299.

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I need to convert an old text-based site to a WordPress site

We convert your old HTML or text-based site to a brand new WordPress site. Your HTML website might have been created in Frontpage, Dreamweaver, or any other visual web building software without manual coding.

We audit all the files on your old site. We prepare a detailed process of conversion for these files. Then we convert them and import them to your new WordPress site.

The final price depends on how large and complex is the original site. Prices start at $299.

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I need a new WordPress site created from scratch

We create a complete and detailed plan for your new site. We set up your domain, hosting, and WordPress core. We install and configure your theme and a collections of indispensable plugins (including some premium ones).

We then customize this setup based on the plan you have approved. Prices start at $999.

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